Quick Start with Email Marketing

Statistics indicate there are close to 3 times more email accounts than are Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. This, therefore, indicates an enormous opportunity to reach potential clients through emails. One could ask, what are the steps involved in doing email marketing campaign. The response to that is simple; here are the basic steps involved.  Keep Reading

4 Reasons why you need to stay at the top

As a marketer, when you talk about results, you are likely to think of it from the angle of a marketing platform, the resources, and the actions you may require in order to achieve your target customer numbers. With these factors put into consideration, SEO maybe that one solution that can keep your numbers going up. Keep Reading

Where do I source media?

You may have already heard that for you to build a great audience on your website or brand on the internet, you must have the ability and capability of sharing great content. You can choose to keep engaging your audience by sharing media content using different vendors’ media. Some of the common websites for media sharing platform vendors include the following;

1. YouTube.com

This is a common video media website that has almost everything that may interest you. With the videos shared on this platform, you can embed them with a lot of ease in your website using common plug-Ins. With YouTube, you can install a free YouTube player on your website for your visitors to enjoy watching YouTube Videos from your website. One of the ways to embed YouTube players into your website is through the use iframes.

2. Adobe.com

You can manage your media on your website by using this premium option from Adobe Inc. You can access more information about the media through https://adobe.ly/2telmQp. This media is helpful especially in the management of digital media advertising content.

You can also incorporate free media streaming from your website by using adobe’s flash media Playback. More information about the flash player can be accessed through www.adobe.com/devnet/video/articles/fmp_player.html.

3. Jwplayer.com

This website offers highly flexible web media platform. This media allows for the distribution, management, and monetization of videos on the web. It is important in content discovery and can, therefore, increase the views, the engagements, and the ad revenue. It offers premium services.